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? >> there was a major investment in the clinton administration, in the bush administration, and the obama administration. it's been something there's been broip agreement on. i would note the head of nih in the bush administration has been critical of the impact of the cuts on sequester both in term of medical research and future economic growth. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you for being here, mr. secretary. i want to go back to questioning from the gentleman from georgia related to the limit on individual type of retirements. this would apply equally to men and women. >> it is neutral with regard to gender. do you think that women need less retirement income than men? >> i don't think this is a provision that says either men or women need more or less. it's a provision that the tax benefit should be available to a certain amount. and the amount is $3 million. >> this that case, i'm in at the loss on the pop. the limit is based on a gender-neutral contribution. and women live longer than men. annuity are more aexpensive. and this means that any cap on a tax advantage retirement plan
from nebraska. or even our own academic peers. harold lowe, critic of president bush's, right? pushing executive power. works for the obama administration and changes his tune and takes positions he harshly criticized when he was outside the executive branch. so i think, you know, the desire, as i said, to leave a legacy, that's what drives presidents, and a lot of their statements and posture -- it's posturing much more than true commitment to ideology that they can't compromise. so let me conclude by saying that a two-person presidency may seem radical for us, not so radical for europe, but dysfunction in washington has gotten to the point that radical reform is needed. the alternative to a two-person presidency is even greater partisan conflict and even more bad presidential decisions. so thank you for coming, and i'll look forward to your questions. [applause] >> thank you very much. so we will, we will pass around the microphone. raise your hand, and we'll take questions. i'd like to start off with one question first. the, it seems to me the assumption you're making that having pr
is not out there, we have not found yet. where we are in terms of where we are not in the bush administration's approach -- obama's administration's approach. there is an assessment coming into the obama administration that the united states has overreacted to north korea. provocations and overtures. that when there was a hint from p'yongyang they would be willing to make some improvement, we would get to the negotiating table. similarly, when it was a provocation we wrap up quickly. we wanted to see if we could break that cycle. in the first few years we saw a and we generally stuck to our guns and principles and cut the door open for discussions on the conditions of what north korea had already agreed to. i think it is important to note that we should not confuse strategic patients with standing still. the u.s. has been fairly active in its approach to north korea more broadly, in terms of enacting robust sanctions against north korea. other forathe un and to enhance our sanctions and international pressure and to isolate p'yongyang. also the efforts to enhance our alliance of partnership c
, including better water and air quality. >>> workers are putting the final touches on the george w. bush library. organizers expect all four living former presidents to be there. president obama also plans to attend. >>> only on 2 tonight, video that could be the key to catching a killer. if two minutes, the much-loved grocery store clerk who police say was randomly shot at by someone in a vehicle. >>> and it's being called a one- stop shop for emergencies and disasters at your fingertips. the proactive step one bay area city is taking to make sure lost loved ones can be found and the public is kept safe. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the unsolved killing of a grocery store clerk who was just walking down the street when he was gunned down took a poignant turn today. david stevenson joins us now from san francisco with new evidence police released today and the tribute from the victim's family. david? >> reporter: julie, just under an hour ago, we obtained video that police hope will help solve this homici
w. bush failed at? well, now you can. we're inside the bush library, ahead. >>> and here they go again. the latest bogus attack on president obama is taking flight. buckle up. that's next. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. >>> when it comes to boosting the economy and creating jobs, gop leaders have stuck to one solution. cut spending. >> it's time to cut spending. >> try and reduce the level of spending here in washington. >> our goal here is to cut spending. >> the sequester, it does cut spendi ing spending. >
that this administration did early on, and the obama administrations continued a lot of the national security policies in the bush administration, to be clear. but they did establish this high value interrogation target group where we've got high value interrogation subjects, and they have a team that they keep very secret and under wraps that they sort of fly in to do, conduct the most important interrogations. and we have been told that they will be leading the interrogation of the boston suspect. how will that team approach interrogating this young man? >> i think they will do it like any fbi agent or any law enforcement individual will do it. these individuals are trained to collect intelligence from detainees. but also on the same time now we have a suspect who already was read his miranda rights. he already have a lawyer present. and i don't think that should affect any trained interrogator, any trained interviewer in doing their job. we have been doing this for many, many years. we did it against terrorist suspects, organized crimes, people who are charged with treason, spies, and it always wor
than it is today. bush won the war by courageous decision about the surge. i would argue that president obama is sqaunledering the peace by failing get status of forces where he president obama, said was important for stablizing iraq an maintaining friendship with it for decades to come. president bush is content with the judgement of history. people are being able to look back and say, increasingly the things he did were right. we understand better why he did them and he is content with that. martha: that will be interesting to see the library opening and sort of go back to some of those words and revisit that history as i know we're going to do on thursday. but you know, one of the constituencies that helped propel president bush into office was the hispanic vote. he had one of the strongest showings of that part of the voting population of recent presidents. that has changed in many ways for republicans and there's a story this morning in "politico" says if this immigration reform bill passes that that future is even more bleak in places lake nevada and colorado and ohio. think those
to the sorrow of the dead and wounded. we will have his story just ahead. up next, we will ask former bush cabinet member andy card to react to president obama's remarks on the boston of the bombing and his take of the mood of the white house and the responsibilities of those who are now in command in the days and weeks after a terror event. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! everybody has different ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. etf building blocks for your personalized portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-
years. by and large, the bush administration and the obama administration should be applauded for the efforts. all the men and women who work throughout our law enforcement agencies, the fbi, cia, military, to try to keep us safe. but when these tragedies occur, we cannot help but be heartbroken and we need to see what more needs to be done. host: let's move on to the budget. the front page of the washington post has its headline -- where did you come down on a proposal from the president, the chained cpi, as well as higher medicare premiums and reduced benefits for wealthier seniors? guest: we have to start with the premise cannot keep spending money we don't have. we have a moral obligation to not rob the next generation of their opportunity to live the american dream. at the same time, we have seniors who have paid into this program, folks that are near retirement and those years away from retirement to have paid into social security and medicare with the understanding there will have the security of those programs being strong. actuaries of either party will tell you the n
to the number originally planned during the bush administration with president obama. i have a question for you with the russian government consulted or informed that the united states was considering this decision before the decision was made and if so, when it that occur? >> well, the answer is not to my knowledge. it was not russian government was not consulted in any way. it was not decision that policy was not decided based on any consideration of the russian government. incidentally i would add that those gbi also not only really alaska but some are -- california. >> okay. to your knowledge they were not consulted. the department were to dpd that additional missile defense systems were needed, to be deployed domestically or abroad. would the russian government be informed before the decision was made? >> first, i can't answer for the president. will they include any of our nato allies as part of our discussion? >> again, senator, i don't know about those talks that would be in the per view of the secretary of state and the white house. i have not been consulted on on the possibility what
, it's amazing. --the bush years republicans are like, security, we need security. don't worry about your rights. now obama has democrats saying well rights are slightly optional. not the majority, 48-43 say i would rather have my constitutional rights. i'm encouraged by that. but now the republicans flip. is that ironic in that the republicans are leading the way yeah yeah, constitution, it's not just the second amendment? >> they're always citing constitution for all sorts of things to criticize president obama. on this what you said originally was right. it's because the person in charge of the government is this president. and they don't like this president and there is a general distrust any way among the republicans, and that is it one of the underlying ideologies for the conservatives. to me it's not that surprising. but let me tell you the libertarian piece to this is the most intriguing to me. the last time i was on the show i was talking about going out on the campaign trail with ron paul. these are the issues, these civil liberty issues, the sense of being spied upon or th
: that tells us all lot about what the aclu tells us about the various methods by the bush administration and the obama administration. drone are among the tools. if this is another method of fighting terrorism -- guest: you can look at our website. there is a great deal of work in this area. somese of force in circumstances may be permitted when there is a threat. permissible. when those boundaries are expanded, it would be unlawful. we think the government has done the right thing. has, the federal government done the exact right thing by crimeng this as a federal that has to be investigated. . want to hone in on this the military is somehow better than our intelligence professionals and other agencies. i think it does them a great disservice to imply that. havenforcement, the fbi their role in other areas. was a to confuse the two terrible mistake under the bush administration. obamaa good thing the administration is not making that mistake now. with the thank you so much. clifford may, president of the foundation for defense of democracies. column.s a weekly thank you to you a
president george w. bush, there were 46 last year under president obama. we calculate there were 4600 casualties. al of those but four took place under president obama. who are the targets arizona professor indicated? militant leaders are not really being killed in the great number. we calculate only 2% of the total number of casual advertise are people you would term leaders. and so that is an interesting development. what was initially started, i thing, as a program that would target high level members of al qaeda, has in a sense deinvolved, particularly in pakistan forks a counterinsurgency air force and you can say that's good or bad, but it's a fact that is happening. where are the targets in pakistan? that'sy al qaeda network are located. what is in the civilian casualty rate? we found it has declined significantly over time. initially in the 2006 it was almost 2%. -- 100%. now today confirmed civilian casualties we calculate 2%. we also add an unknown category of 9% because sometimes at not clear if somebody is a civilian or militant, everybody dresses the same. and that member
? guest: it tells us a lot about why the aclu thinks of the various methods being used the bush administration and the obama administration. are amongse, drones them. if this is another method of fighting terrorism that he would not allow the government to use. guest: if you want to look at our website, we have a great deal of information about our work in this area. the use of force in some circumstances is necessary, it may be permitted when there is a comment -- a concrete and and and threats. in the context of an actual armed threats. our concern is when those boundaries are expanded and actions are taken that would be unlawful. we also say women think the government has done the right thing. -- when we think the government has done the right thing. the federal government has done the exact right thing by as a federal crime that has to be the federal in criminal justice system. there is no basis to believe that the military is somehow better than our intelligence professionals and the fbi and other agencies. i think it does them a great disservice to the implied that spurred
the george w. bush presidential library in dallas. it opens to the public may 1st. president obama and the four living former presidents are expected to be there. >>> do you want to hear from me what the truth was and they haven't really said anything about it affecting me. >> while in new york, it's nfl draft time. all eyes will be on manti te'o and whether he makes the first round. >>> president obama offered to wash senators' cars if it would lead to an immigration bill. the senators then told obama, if you're going to wash our cars, why do we need immigrant? >>> and on saturday, conan o'brien headlines the annual white house correspondents dinner in washington. >>> and that's the week ahead. >>> i'm fredricka whitfield. on behalf of my colleague wolf blitzer and myself, of course, thanks for watching this afternoon. don lemon picks up live coverage from boston. don, ind you'll be talking to city police commissioner as well. right? >> that's right. police commissioner ed davis will be with me in just a moment here. first though i want to get you updated on what we have. i'm done
, and president obama expected to attend as well. >> bill: bush library, food -- >> i thought it was going to be an art museum for pictures of dogs. >> and al michaels who calls himself -- who calls sunday night football on nbc had one too many drinks over the weekend, he was arrested and charged with a dui, he spent five hours behind bars to sober up. he was cooperative and released on his own recognizance. lessee a judge in june. >> bill: chris it started a week from today with the bombing at the finish line at the boston marathon, then we had the gun bills go down in flames on wednesday. the immigration bill was somehow released in the middle of it hardly got any notice at all, then this horrific explosion out in west texas at the fertilizer plant, and it seemed to go on and on and on but let's go back to immigration. the gang of 8 have come out with this bill. is this going to be different from gun safety? is this one likely to pass? >> i think it is more likely to pass than the gun safety bill but you have some real partisan support. you have a lot of people that
. >> all five in thes, andrea, are going to be there. president obama will be there and all the living predecessors. so the carters. the clintons. and the bush 41s will be there which is very special for him. any thoughts on that leading up to thursday? i love george w. bush for two specific reasons. i loved the way he addressed the nation in times of trials and tribulations. the way he addressed the nation after 9/11. how tough he was on terror. specifically. he did not mince words. that was so great of him. also, he doesn't get a lot of credit as bob says you are not going to hear about things that he put into place like the patriot act. there was a report in the "the washington post" that when these brothers were out on the run, how do you think the fbi was trying to track them down? using provisions of the patriot act. >> cross taking the wall down. one of the things in the library thing called decision theater. can you play a game against others. four different scenarios, katrina, the financial crisis, the war in iraq, the surge, in particular, and afghanistan. and the 9/11 the in
for all involved and will be something that president bush was unable to accomplish. it was something that president obama wasn't able to accomplish in his first term. i think the political world capitol hill right now sees that as the last opportunity for a really big piece of legislation, a legacy piece of legislation to occur. but steve i don't think we're going to have any resolution until we're talking about july august september. this is going to be in some ways like the health care legislation all over again we're going to see many twists and turns but the reason why the gun measure ended up failing and why immigration seems to have a chance is that immigration both parties have a interest to get it done. many republicans leaders see this as something they need to do as well to make sure that the 2012 elections where they lost latino business a huge margin doesn't happen again come 2016 or 2020. >> and the debate over the budget continues all summer as well. >> and that's right. talking about july august september that's probably also the timeframe that you would end up getting
a plane to get home. >> you're right harrison. something we're blaming on obama as well. they raised the debt ceiling multiple times for reagan, multiple times for george w. bush. john boehner forced this thing through the house. >> the irony is it is the republicans who didn't want to raise taxes on their constituents, especially the upper class. so they're now -- these people are trapped in airports. they have to buy chocolate bars that cost more than -- [ laughter ] >> i like it though because when you're sitting around the airport doing nothing you're stimulating the congressional experience. >> it is frightening. smaller government meant like less waste not cutting you know wasteful federal workers who, i don't know, keep planes from hitting each other! >> john: small government means you have to spend more time shopping at at tunes. -- at altitunes. >> the average person takes a plane once every three or four years. >> you were talking about the research. also nuclear waste is being cut. we're not even getting rid of stuff that's going to kill our children and grandchildren. >>
they want to. >> this is a matter of policy under the bush and especially the obama administration, connecting jihad holy war and islamists who embrace it and believe it is their god-directed obligation to engage in it with the attacks or terrorism we are supposed to be defending ourselves against has been impermissible. this is crazy and it has created, i think, vulnerabilities as has frankly the lessening of the engagement of the public in this war. you have been talking about it all morning the public helped enormously once those pictures wept up. it's very much the case that we need to have the public on the case all the time. it's kind of a question of are we on a war footing in the face of this jihadist threat. this global jihadist threat or aren't we? unless and until we are, i think we will wind up having a lot moornd worse of these kind of attacks. >> brian: do you believe there are other people involved with these two? >> there were other people involved certainly in providing, i suspect, freezing rain structure, training and support. we need to find them, too. >> brian:
point, i will be quiet. i promise. how about after 9-11, everyone was saying how george bush took everyone's freedoms away and obama was going to restore the freedoms, all of that. what happened to all of that? >> i have a problem with that. the patriot act should have been repealed. i have a problem with that. >> caller: so obama doubles the number of federal wiretaps. he expanded the patriot act. how are we more free with obama as president? >> stephanie: the difference is we do talk about that on the left. >> it is not because he's -- >> stephanie: not everything is cut-and-dried. i agree with the public safety exemption that he was not read miranda rights. but i disagree with john mccain and lindsey graham that he should be tried as an enemy combatant. >> caller: i agree too. one other thing -- >> stephanie: all right. after you. >> oh, no, you first. >> thank you. >> stephanie: it was magic wasn't it? [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> stephanie: one more thing? no. not on my show. >> another 27 things. >> stephanie: i will be the judge of that whether there will be one more thing and
limbo. by treating them as criminal suspects, the obama administration is avoiding all kinds of risks and simply acting as the bush administration has in the past and as they have acted in other terrorist cases by using the normal criminal procedures. >> because lindsey graham and others say, yes, he should be tried as a u.s. citizen, should be tried in a u.s. civilian court, but that can await this process of doing some serious interrogation of him and designating him as an enemy combatant in the meantime. all of this is moot right now, because as you know, yesterday, he was formally given his miranda rights and a judge magistrate at his bed side with a court-appointed attorney, a public defender. this is moot as the obama administration has made its decision. is lindsey graham on sound legal ground, saying he should be tried in a civilian court, but held and questioned as an enemy combatant? >> i think the only fair answer to that question is we don't know. because it's never been done before in american history to have some sort of hybrid combatant and criminal proceeding. we do kn
to make anything political about it, but i cannot help but think life was a lot quieter when george bush was in office. ever since mr. obama has been in office, i can go all the way back to the gentlelady in california that was shot in ahead to all these terrorist in st.ts that we call people killing people, like in the movie house -- insane people killing each other, like in the movie house, and the man in texas that shot all the soldiers, and the people in benghazi that killed our ambassador. then i reflect back on how people behave in wisconsin when there governor made a decision that was controversial to their political point of view. and in the same thing happened in michigan. and the underwear br, wn waii, were it not for brave man, weoulkt that. and the man in new york who tried to blow up people in new york. : you talk about shootings. we can look back to the columbine high school shooting in colorado. then the 9/11 terror attacks. , ithe 9/11 terrorist attack monicao tell you, lewinsky was servicing bill clinton when he was talking to the sergeants about -- the saudis about them
there in boston right now, as president obama has to deal with that. >> reporter: that's true, one of the things that george w. bush said after 9/11 that i thought was the right thing to say and helpful is that people should go shopping. he got criticized for that. in other words, life just go on and we shouldn't succumb to someone who wants to do us harm would want us to do which is to totally change the way we live our lives. be aware of it, be vigilant but not ahh bow it to change us to become a totally different nation and people. heather: tucker how do you think president obama has handled the terrorist attack in boston so far in terms of public statements. >> fine so far. the pressure these guys face is to act and to do so quickly. blue densblue dense looks a lot like weakness and that is nothing you can ever show as a leader. these guys are underee memory news pressure to do something or seem like they are doing some. this is not aimed at the current president, would i say all presidents, that is why you wind up with bad policy when you act before you understand the consequences of your a
seen throughout much of the obama administration. this is much more of a doctrine of keeping people in individual cells similar to what went on during the bush years. >> suarez: carol rosenberg of the miami herald, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, ray. >> brown: online later tonight, you can see additional excerpts from ray's interview with carol rosenberg, including more on those 86 detainees, cleared for release, who remain at guantanamo. >> ifill: now, economics correspondent paul solman reports on late-blooming self-starters. it's the latest chapter in his look at older workers in the american economy and all part of his on-going reporting "making sense of financial news." >> look at this nice, tight stomach with the abs which you could grate cheese on. >> reporter: at 55, judi henderson-townsend is working with a much younger crowd. >> it's like living in the land of dorian gray here. nobody ever ages. >> reporter: after a career spent working with stiffs in the corporate world, says townsend, she started mannequin madness. >> i sell mannequins, i rent mannequins, i repair
with the iraq war, perceived as the sort of crimes of the bush administration they wanted it to end and the obama administration has sold people a bill of goods. the idea that the drone war is actually clean. which is why i call it dirty wars. when you kill people in yemen, pakistan or somalia that aren't attached to terrorism, you're giving people an actual incentive to want to attack the united states. and so if you look at the poll numbers, liberals are very much lock step with the white house right now on this drone issue. no way -- >> stunning. >> no way -- >> that is stunning the same people, many of them calling for george w. bush's impeachment are calling for a war crimes trial after he left. and yet, again, this white house is actually, like you said, carried on a lot of the bush/cheney legacy in this area and made it far more intense, especially on drone strikes. >> also, one of the stories i do in the book. i was in yemen and somalia and afghanistan and elsewhere reporting the stories over the years. in somalia, i discovered that the obama administration is using a prison
libertarian causes. >> on thursday, george w. bush will be at his library but then says he'll step back and stay in touch with relatives includes his new grandchild. >>> president obama will host the white house science fair. last year the big hit was the president checking out the marshmallow cannon. >>> my must read is the story of tamerlan tsarnaev's wife described as the all-american girl. the mother of his young child. it's on our facebook page. what do you think? that's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. okay. this, won't take long will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. didn't take very long, did it? this spring, dig in and save. that's nice. post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. dig in and save with vigoro one-quart annuals, four for just ten bucks. >>> right now on capitol hill it's the first test for the bipartisan immigration bill which may face new road blockses but of the boston bombing. suspects were immigrants. the senate judiciary committee is holding what was expected to
terrorism is semantics. but i have to say i have never understood why president obama didn't use it. there is a policy difference between this administration and the bush administration. why the word terrorism being removed from the vocabulary. the war on terror. whatever the word terror means, we don't care about the word, we know it when we see it. which is mindless murder of innocent people. >> stephanie: right. >> why we're worried about that word, i have no idea. >> stephanie: but the white house said it the same day they said clearly this is an act of terror -- >> right. and clearly the political right jumps to i think much too quick on why didn't he use that word is because there is some basis that early on there was a reluctance in the white house to talk about the war on terror. can you explain to me why there was that reluctance somebody said that's what gorge bush said? i have no idea but you are right, let's focus on this horrible murder that has occurred. i define terrorism of mindless murder. >> to the right-wing terrorism is synonymous with islam
countries. when the obama administration both obama and mccain were both saying they will close on guantanamo. dozenent back a few detainees. the majority are a bolt of -- the majority were transferred during the george bush administration. just today the military judge granted a defense continuance in the u.s.s. cole bomber. inse cases will continue motions in june. host: why is there still 166 if the obama administration wanted to shut down? in june 2006 president obama announced that he would very much like to close guantanamo. whens in wind down mode obama was in office. to his credit he put a coat on that by signing that executive order ordering it to be closed within the year. it is still open because there was a window of opportunity in the first two years of the obama administration he had his own party in power in the senate and own party in power in the house. use some political cash, some will to force the culture -- forced the closure of that place. he would need to up the risk calculus. the major population at of many.o are tweet patch with it most of the saudis. th
. let him respond, please. >> i did. i sided with barack obama. sidedd with john kerry, i with barney frank to enis that your our entire country did not collapse. the bush administration turned a blind eye that a casino was set up in wall street. i did not support any of the bush administration financial regulations policies. but when the threat was the system was going to collapse and hurt every family in america, i did that to protect our financial system from collapsing and you did not. in addition, on telecommunication it was my egislation that broke down the telecom monopoly that led to a broadband revolution that created many millions of jobs in the united states of america. i'm very proud of that. my name is on the legislation and i'm proud that my name is on much of that legislation. it was my job to go to washington -- >> that's my point. that's my point. you said we were going to talk a this, you're proud of that and that is the problem. we have one cable company mcast that runs from here to washington, d.c. there is no companies. verizon has the whole market. open up your c
, and former assistant to the president george w. bush for homeland security and counterterrorism. and joined by cnn analyst juliette kaayem. one bit of news. we understand that president obama will hold meetings tonight with members of his cabinet, as well as counterterrorism officials and homeland security officials. fran, bring us inside that room. inside that meeting. what is the nature of things that will be discussed there? >> going into that, we know president obama has been briefed on a regular basis by homeland security adviser, lisa monaco, and fbi director bob mueller, what happens as he gets these updates, he pulls his cabinet together and they will, one, give them a common view of what the situation is, what the risks are, what they know and what they don't know what are the key questions they are trying to get answered right now? the president will give clear direction to cabinet members how they can support bob muller and the department of homeland security in aiding state and local officials and helping to reach out to international allies who have information. it really isn't
to be in the white house with obama and see what happens. host: ray from maryland. one other story we want to point out for you. we talked about the bush library that's opening this week. here's a story from "usa today" -- you can watch that library dedication on thursday on c- span. boston story on the bomber, and jason from illinois next on the independent line. good morning. if he is don't care convicted or is an enemy , as long as not they prove his guilt and take care of business on it. host: thanks for the call. up next, we will dcuss immigration policy in the wake of the boston bombing and how it has changed since the september 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. later, on the federal health care law, we will talk about how people will shop for insurance fraud in the federal and state- run exchanges. the op for insurance on federal and state-run exchanges. >> she was very bright, very political, which is why she and lincoln got together in the first place. she spoke several languages fluently. was extremely well-educated. so she had all these things going for her. but she had suffered a series of tr
a scathing report tuesday. it concluded that the highest u.s. officials under the bush administration bore responsibility for what it called the indisputable use of torture. the report also urged president obama to close the guantanamo detention camp which has been widely condemned by human rights groups. >>> it's been nearly four years since jackie lost her three daughters. jackie spoke exclusively with nbc's ann curry about her unbearable loss and her return to love and hope. >> i'm their mom and supposed to protect them and i didn't. you know, as -- it's hard to not blame yourself. >> you expected diane to protect your kids. >> um-hum. >> and now you're blaming yourself. >> i'm not blaming myself for the accident, i'm blaming myself for the not being here, you know, it's just, they're not here and i'm their mom. >> you can see more of ann's interview on "rock center with brian williams" friday night at 10:00, 9:00 central time. >>> now for a look at "what's trending today" our roundup of what has you talking online, new york yankees fans set aside their rivalry with the boston red sox t
have said obama has not helped them. he got himself a resident front of the white house. >> won this was last thing discussed in the bush administration, there were members and members on the hill every day. i'm not saying that now appears it >> thank you very much for your time -- i'm not saying it seems -- i'm guessing that now. >> thank you very much for your time. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> a look on the debate over immigration policy. a bipartisan group of senators talk about their work on .egislation now the bipartisan kissinger is making up the gang of eight -- of centers making up the game of eight. >> good afternoon, everybody. we are here to announce that eight senators, from opposite sides of the political aisle, are coming together on a common- sense immigration reform proposal that we believe can pass the senate. i want to thank my seven other colleagues here today. each one of us is strong each one of us has beliefs, differing beliefs, but if you would have in any of our 24 mee
supreme court ultimately tell president bush, no, you can't twist like that just because it's terrorism. >> michael, that seems like the danger in calling it terror, right? there was an immediate impulse, make sure president obama is calling it terror. lindsey graham sweet twooetieet telling him to remain silent. that would be the last thing. somehow terrorism makes it fine, right? >> we don't really know if this is terrorism. we don't know if there's political motivations. >> we don't know. we have to establish the definition of terror. everybody was terrorized. the political definition is something else. secondly, john ralston said imagine if you're the person subjected to the recriminations you want to put forth. be very careful if something happens in your family and your kid does something and your kid is on the terror list and the no-fly list, that's a different kettle of fish. it's unfamiliar evil versus familiar evil. when you made the point about we've incubated in our own culture a homegrown terrorist, that strikes terror at the heart of america. guess what? hey, ask the minor
obama, i sided with john kerry, i sided with barney frank. on ensuring our entire economy did not collapse. the bush administration for eight years had turned a blind eye to the fact that a casino had been set up on wall street that was now leading to a collapse of our economy. in 2008, i did not support any of the bush administration era financial regulation policies. but when the threat was that the system was going to collapse and hurt every family in america, i did vote to protect our financial system from collapsing and you did not. in addition, on telecommunications, yes, it was my legislation that broke down the telecom monopolies, cable monopolies that led to a broadband revolution beginning in 1996 that has created millions of jobs in the united states of america, including tens of thousands of them here in the massachusetts economy. and i'm very proud of that. and my name is on the legislation, steve. and i'm proud that my name is on much of that legislation because it was my job to go to washington -- >> that's my point. that's my point. you said we weren't -- that'
are not changes have not been made between the bush and obama administration? >> guest: the first think in one of the first things president obama did was very publicly ended the cia's detention and interrogation program. basically said, cia is out of the detention business. no more of these quoted interrogation techniques we were used to the military rules, i'm income effectively the program was, the jails were mostly empty and there were very few people being detained and interrogated. but that was symbolic. besides that though, using far more continuity than change in a counterterrorism policy of the obama administration from the bush administration. you seem guantÁnamo bay still exist,ven the president obama said hwould try to shut it. you see more drone strikes under the obama administration than you did under the bush administration accusing drone strikes in different places. there was one drone strike in yemen under the bush administration. there have been not only drone strikes but a lot of missiles, of the missile strikes in yemen since 2009. in many ways, president obama said during
. on the issue of the obama administration, during the 2008 campaign president obama criticized the bush administration's treatment of detainees. candidate obama promised to close guantanamo and to reject torture without exception or equivocation. he also criticized the previous administration for executive secrecy including repeated invocations of the state secrets privilege to get civil lawsuits thrown out of court, and he promised to lead a new era of openness. the administration has fulfilled some of those promises and conspicuously failed to fulfill others. in some cases because congress has blocked them, but in other cases for reasons of their own. as asa mentioned earlier, the high level of secrecy surrounding the rendition and torture of detainees since september 11 cannot continue to be justified on the basis of national security. the authorized enhappensed techniques -- enhanced techniques have been publicly disclosed, and the cia has approved its former employees' publication of detailed accounts of individual interrogation. ongoing classification of material documenting these
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